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TOWIN Trainee Program Introduction


Program Target: Preserve high-quality staff for recruitment in 2018


Program Date: Jan 2017 ~ Dec 2018


Internship Value:

  1. Internship plan is executed according to formal poistion skill preparation
  2. Coached by deputy manager above
  3. progressively be familiar with foreign trade affairs and management


Expected attendence: about 5 days work per week and last for at least 2 monthes


Development Direction:

    • Foreign Trade Supervisor
    • Foreign Trade Salesman
    • E-commerce Engineer
    • Sales Manager assistant
    • Production Manager Assistant
    • Documentary clek



Resume Wanted: Please send resume in English to oktowin@139.com, telephone or visiting are not accpetable before invitation.

Add: Baoyuan Road,Yangwu, Qishi, Dongguan, Guangdong, China Zip: 523500 Tel:+86 769 86731758 Fax:+86 769 27205599
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